Apple bringing Siri to the iPhone 4 ?

by admin on November 7, 2011

You know that iPhone hackers already ported Siri to iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G successfully, but it’s not available publically due to some piracy issues. We saw that Siri works perfectly on the iPhone 4, even on the iPad, but Apple will not allow previous devices like he has not done with other features such as voice control, Wi-Fi tethering or geolocated reminders.


According to Jailbreaknation, Apple is internally testing Siri on iPhone 4 using a modified version of iOS 5, this may mean that Apple is considering allowing Siri not only in the iPhone 4, but in the iPod Touch 4G too. AppAdvice was able to confirm the source of this information and says that it does appear to be legitimate, so I think it’s real.

"The fact that they’re considering it after the iPhone 4S release and even letting employees use it outside of the campus as a test drive shows that there still is a chance this will become a reality. Yet, Apple has now finished the test drive and removed the feature from the employees’ iPhones to minimize the chances of it getting out."

Do you think Apple allow Siri on previous iDevice family or remain the exclusivity to iPhone 4S?

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