Apple Scheduled iPhone OS 4.0 Sneak Peak on 8 April

by admin on April 6, 2010

Apple just sent out invitations for 8 April on U.S. media ( Engadget , Gizmodo ) with the simple phrase "Get sneak peek into the future of iPhone OS". The Apple event begins next Thursday, April 8th at 10am Pacific time. In the past two years, Apple demonstrated in each case the upcoming iPhone OS version in a media event and also published a first beta for developers. The final version was followed in June and July with a new-generation of iPhone.


Some of the new features (Rumored) that will be available in the iPhone 4.0 OS are:

1 ) Multitouch gestures support throughout the whole system.
2 ) Multi Tasking
3 ) User Interface improvement
4 ) Easier navigation through the system
5 ) New method to sync contacts and calendars

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