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by admin on July 8, 2011

Many of you may already know about Swype, a new way of writing on touch screens by entering words by sliding a finger or stylus from letter to letter without lifting your finger. Swype automatically recognize the word you want to write and therefore considerably reduces the time of writing. Fact is that you can write pretty fast and more precisely. For video reference check the embedded video (via iDB) right after the break.


Swype already available on Android and widely used by many users, iOS is left out due  to the rules of Apple. But it seems that thanks to the jailbreak you will soon be installing this keyboard on your device. Good news for iOS jailbreakers, Swype has been ported to iPhone, it’s still in beta and you can face some error if you leave your finger for a long time, developer is still polishing the tweak, but you can try. To test you need to have done the jailbreak, which is important. You can download it for free on Cydia repo >>  http://wynd.x10.mx

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