Apple to launch iPad 7 inch at $250 this October

by admin on May 12, 2012

in iPad News

Folks over iMore got an insider news about a new product cooking by cupertino giants.  According to the publication, Apple plans to release an iPad in next October with 7” video screen and price between $ 200 – $ 250. Apart from the smaller screen and that will be available with a capacity of 8GB, the other features in the rumored tablet will be identical to the third generation iPad.


If rumors prove true, such a low price product will leave no room for competitors to Apple and will likely see exactly what happened with the expansion of the iPod product line in 2004 the market for Mp3 repeated this time in tablets. Please note that this website has so far been reliable enough to forecast, correctly pointing out both the release of the new iPad and supporting networks of LTE device.

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