You need iPad 3 with 128 GB Storage ?

by admin on March 4, 2012

in iPad Misc

Apple is all set to showcase next generation iPad in a conference this week, and rumors for iPad 3 are still flowing. One of the most discussed rumor is storage space, it is rumored that iPad 3 would come with 128 GB storage space. In the fall Apple released iPhone 4S with 64 GB storage space and many analyst believe that Apple will release upcoming tablet with 128 GB storage space with Retina Display.


From my point of view, Apple does not have any reason to introduce such a model on the market this moment. Of course, iPad 3 will require more storage space for games and 1080p movies, but that’s not enough reason for Apple.

Now question is that do you really need an iPad 3 with 128 GB Storage ?

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