iPhone 3GS will not be upgradeable to iOS 5

by admin on May 25, 2011

Eldar Murtazin, well known Russian analyst, has said that at this time that the new iOS 5, which will be presented at the next WWDC 2011 , almost certainly will not be supported on iPhone 3GS. He was not a credible source of information for Apple products but we can’t ignore his tweets, following is the screenshot of his twitter timeline, where he stated that iPhone 3GS won’t be upgradable to iOS 5. Of course we are still talking about rumors, you will know what Apple is cooking only in WWDC 2011, June 6 – June 10.

iOS 5_3GS

Personally we think that Apple could make that decision. iPhone 3GS has very little ram in comparison to iPhone 4 and iOS 5 will bring many new features. iOS 5 will require powerful hardware to run smoothly function. Besides technical problems, the measure would force users to buy the new iPhone in May to be released.

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