iPhone 4S appears in Apple inventory

by admin on September 30, 2011

According to a report of 9to5Mac the new iPhone made its appearance in the inventory system of goods from Apple. iPhone 4 appeared in the inventory under the name "N90", iPhone 4s under "N90A", the new iPhone 5 appears under the nickname "N94", which coincides with that found for months in the iOS SDK.

We also have information on the remaining number of mobile products from Apple. Specifically, we have three new models iPod touch codenamed N81A with "A" to describe probably the white model. The N81, however, is the codename for the current fourth-generation iPod touch, so logically there will be some improvement this year than the addition of the white model.


All rumors will be finally confirmed on Tuesday, the day that Apple could introduce an iPhone 4S like its predecessor, but with little improvements and a lower price, and an iPhone 5 with all the improvements discussed in recent months (larger size of the screen , 8 megapixel camera, change of side volume buttons, thinner, chip A5).

                                                                                               Source: 9to5Mac

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