iPhone N90A Leaked parts from Foxconn Brazil Factory

by admin on October 2, 2011

The photo you see below posted by Gizmodo Brazil and shows the supposed new model iPhone 4 with codename N90A. New SKU indicates that it is exactly the same terminal as iPhone 4, following the pattern of previous years, this N90A iPhone 4 will be a low cost and with a memory of 8GB.

gizmodo-iphone-4-n90aRecall that the N90A refers probably to a slightly modified iPhone 4 8GB capacity, which will be presented as a "cheap" model.

Our Brazilian brothers, Gizmodo.com.br, got their hot little hands on a few photos of one a new iPhone, to be announced next week. How? Well, there’s a Foxconn factory in Brazil, and Pedro & co got one of their men inside. Inside, they found a new-SKU iPhone that looks just like the old iPhone 4.



                                                                                               [Via Gizmodo Br ]

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