iPhone OS 3.2 contains references to upcoming iPhone, iPod touch and iPad generations

by admin on April 4, 2010

The U.S. website Boy Genius Report found references of upcoming generation of iPhone and iPod family, around the file system of a fresh iPad iPhone  OS 3.2 Of course, of course, Apple is working on upcoming hardware scheduled this June/July event.iPFor the record, the device IDs of currently known iPhone OS models:
iPhone1, 1 – iPhone 2G a.k.a. iPhone EDGE or Classic
iPhone1, 2 – iPhone 3G
iPhone2, 1 – iPhone 3GS

iPod1, 1 – iPod, Generation 1
iPod2, 1 – iPod, Generation 2
iPod2, 2 – 8GB iPod touch Late 2009
iPod3, 1 – 32/64 GB iPod touch, Generation 3

iPad1, 1 – iPad, Generation 1

iPhone OS 3.2 revealed references to some unreleased iDevices including iPhone3, 1, iPhone3, 2 and iPhone3, 3  a iPod4, 1 and a iProd2, 1  The iPhone3, 1 is already in test mode and is expected as upcoming fourth-gen of  iPhone, interestingly, the traces of two more iPhone models is not clear. Still can speculate that, this is the iPhone 3, 2 or iPhone 3, 3 are the rumored CDMA version for Verizon is.

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