iPhone OS 4.0 Mail Features : Unified Inbox and Microsoft Exchange

by admin on April 9, 2010

In iPhone OS 4.0 are some improvements and additions in the Mail application. A key addition is that a Unified Inbox is available. It is also possible to create multiple Microsoft Exchange accounts to manage and can open attachments in external applications.iphone-email

Unified Inbox

A useful feature for people with multiple e-mail address is Unified inbox. This means that mail from all e-mail addresses that you use the iPhone in a mailbox. adobe creative cloud . Suppose you have eight mailboxes on your iPhone, you do not keep switching from inbox. For people who want to keep switching between the different inboxes, this is it accelerated.

Microsoft Exchange

For people who work from multiple Microsoft Exchange accounts and who wish to consult on their iPhone, Apple added an option in 4.0 to more than one Microsoft Exchange account to use.

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