Jailbreak iPhone 3GS iOS 4 new iBoot, iPod Touch 2G, 3G MC Sn0wBreeze

by admin on July 12, 2010

A few days ago iH8sn0w had claimed to have found a method to perform the Jailbreak Firmware 4.0 on iPhone 3G with new iBoot, iPod Touch 2G and iPod Touch MC. Now that we are able to provide precise guidance and unhurried, let’s see the steps to be performed.Snow-500x389

Before you begin, make sure to do:

  • The jailbreak your device will be of type Tethered, namely that each time shutting down or reboot, you need to connect your computer to be able to turn it on.
  • To run the jailbreak is necessary to fully satisfy the many requirements, which we list below.


  • iPhone 3GS with new iBoot, iPod Touch 2G MC or an iPod Touch 3G
  • Starting with a device that mounts on firmware 3.1.2 or have 3.1.2 SHSH, saved on the Sauriks server
  • Paylod Pwner-r6
  • Sn0wbreeze 1.7
  • iBooty 1.6UPDATE: The new version fixes some bugs iBooty with 64bit operating system and adds a progress bar.
  • iTunes 9.2 installed
  • Firmware 3.1.2 and 4.0 firmware for your device, saved on the desktop of your computer.

First Step: Unlocking the IBSS iBoot

Extract the iBooty archive. Download Payload Pwner Tool, run it and follow the wizard to help you create the payloads. Save these payloads in the same location where you saved iBooty.

Second Step: Create a Custom Firmware 4.0 for your device

Launch Sn0wbreeze, use the Expert Mode, which came into stud and select "Disable NOR Flash." This step is essential. Build firmware and you’ll see it on the desktop.

Third Step: Preparation iBooty

1. iBooty return the program previously downloaded and extracted to a folder.

2. Use the program 7-Zip (or any other similar tool) to extract the custom firmware created earlier with sn0wbreeze.

3. Take kernelcache firmware from this file and move in the same folder where iBooty.

"Firmware/DFU/iBEC.n88ap.RELEASE.dfu" and bring in the same folder iBooty. Finally, take the file from DeviceTree

"Firmware/all_flash/all_flash.n88ap.production/DeviceTree.n88ap" and bring more folder iBooty

4. Rename the following three files:

  • The kernel of the 4.0-Custom has become "kernel.40"
  • The IBEC’s 4.0-Custom has become "ibec.40"
  • DeviceTree the 4.0-Custom has become "devtree.40"

At this point in your folder iBooty should have the following files:

  • iboot.payload <- Created with Payload Pwner.
  • devtree.40 <- Taken from the custom firmware made with Sn0wbreeze
  • ibec40.dfu <- Taken from the custom firmware made with Sn0wbreeze.
  • bspatch.exe <- comes directly from iBooty
  • iBooty.exe <- From iBooty.
  • kernel.40 <- Taken from the crater with custom firmware Sn0wbreeze
  • sn0w.img3 <- From iBooty.
  • wait.img3 <- comes from iBooty.

Fourth Step: Restore the iPhone to firmware 4.0 and execute the Boot

Make sure you are still with firmware 3.1.2 on your iPhone when you run this step.

1. iBooty Start and select "Device Prepare for custom firmware. Start the process and you will get snow, you can proceed.

2. Now open iTunes and load the custom firmware 4.0 normally SHIFT + Restore

3. Once everything is completed, the device will stay with a black screen and not all will rise again. This is normal as we see the last Step out.

Fifth Step: Turn the iDevice on

1. To be able to re-turn on the phone or iPod, simply restart iBooty button and select the "Boot It". Finally the device on again and enjoy the Firmware 4.0 on your Jailbroken 3G with new iBoot or on iPod Touch 2G and 3G MC Just remember that if you turn off or reboot the device, you will need to be able to repeat it Step on again, and then you connect the computer to use it, being tethered to a jailbreak.

If you think that driving can be dangerous, difficult or too lengthy and complex, the invitation is still to wait for the tool that will Comex for all devices, and will ensure the Jailbreak Untethered simple as Spirit! As soon as you provide will be issued a new guide.

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