Leaked Photo Taken with the iPhone 5

by admin on September 8, 2011

The PocketNow claims to have found a photo taken with the upcoming iPhone 5. The EXIF ​​data of the photo below testify that the photograph is not taken with an iPhone 4 as the data are not consistent with the technical specifications of the device.


The PocketNow explains:

This (very attractive) photo claims to have been taken by an iPhone 4, but the rest of its EXIF ​​data tells a different story: although the image has been cropped to 2235 × 2291 (5.12 megapixels), the original picture was a much larger 3264 × 2448 – or just shy of eight megapixels. What’s more, the lens was recorded as a 4.3mm f/2.4, which is closer to that of a point-and-shoot than the iPhone 4’s actual 3.85mm f/2.8.

Obviously the data can be altered in many ways and show false statement but, according to the report, this pic was taken by an Apple engineer during lunch at work.

                                                                                              [Via PocketNow ]

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