Leaked Pictures and Video of iPhone HD – 4G

by admin on April 19, 2010

Yesterday a set of supposed iPhone 4G / HD images leaked in the wild and today Gizmodo released a hands on video and complete picture set of upcoming iPhone 4G or iPhone HD, whatever. Gizmodo says Prototype iPhone was found in a cafe in Silicon Valley and they bought from an undisclosed person. . On the other hand John Gruber says the prototypes bought by Engadget were the “stolen one” and not the “lost one”.                                        500x_iphone9-150x150 500x_iphone1-150x150 500x_comp1-150x150

Also Daring Fireballs John Gruber seems no doubt about the authenticity of the images emerged so far more to entertain: With reference on an Apple patent application from 2006, blesses Gruber ceramic back for Apple from the original “Glass-like appearance and feel but far stronger and more scratch resistant. And: radio transparent. ”

VIA Gizmodo

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