Siri : Personal Assistant for the iPhone 4S

by admin on October 5, 2011

Apple keynote was full of news iPhone 4S (Specification and Features), check Pricing and Availability, but lacks the charisma of Steve Jobs. iPhone 4S seems to be a real disappointment but then Apple pulled out the real surprise : Siri, aka yours personal digital assistant, exclusively available on iPhone 4S.

Siri 1

Siri is a real novelty, with Siri we’ve got something that emerges Apple as clear winner among it’s own competitors. Imagine being able to talk with your iPhone in a completely natural way and in exchange, to receive relevant action and results. For example, Looking for a local restaurant? You want to set the alarm for tomorrow morning? Want to know how many days to Christmas? Ask the Siri and that’s it.



Using Siri we can find information about weather, we can search for addresses in Maps and get a route to navigate to that address, we can set an alarm or make an appointment in Calendar, but the worst part is that Siri needs a Internet connection to function. Siri will be available only in English, French and German in the beginning and more languages are promised to add later.

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