Tim Cook will present the iPhone 5 on October 4

by admin on September 21, 2011

All Things Digital (original article here) says 4th October seems to be safe for iPhone 5 presentation conference. This popular digital media has almost always correct in their forecasts and leaks due to their close contacts at Apple, has announced that the keynote will be presented in the iPhone 5 will be on October 4. In addition, Tim Cook would strengthen his image by presenting himself as CEO of the new terminal. Since the Moscone Center is already booked these days for an event, it is expected that the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco is selected as a center.cook

Tim Cook seems to completely take over the role of Steve Jobs during the conference which means that the former CEO of Cupertino could not be present at all on stage, may be Steve Jobs appears at the beginning or end of the event as a kind of witness delivery of his partner. If Steve Jobs will not climb at all on the stage then surely a lot of people will be disappointed but the change is normal considering that the company now leads Tim Cook and Steve Jobs has an observer role.

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