Wi-Fi Booster : Enhance your iPhone WiFi Coverage

by admin on June 20, 2011

Sometimes we may find that our computer discover a lot more signals in comparison to iPhone. This is not related to iPhone antenna power, it is because iOS only shows the networks have maximum power, i.e. if the network is far away and the connection will not to be as successful, due to Apple restrictions. With WiFi Booster applications you’ll be able to see all those extra networks. You can download WiFi booster from Cydia for $ 1.99, it’s available on bigboss repo.

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Official Release Statement :

WiFi Booster is a tweak for the Settings app that enhances the Wi-Fi networks list to display all networks in range by removing the signal level limit. This allows you to connect to as many networks as a WiFi scanning app would see, e.g. WiFiFoFum, directly in the Settings app. Sometimes the number of networks available is increased by over 100%!
The network list item has also been enhanced to show the BSSID (AP MAC address) and RSSI (signal level) for each network.
No new icons are added to your home screen. Enhancements are for the Settings app’s Wifi Network list.

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