How to Grab iPad ECID on Windows and Mac

With iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3G Apple introduced a new security system called ECID, and ECID saga continues with iPad too. ECID security is introduced to prevent us downgrading the firmware of our iDevice. When iTunes starts the process of restoring the firmware, the server asks Apple to create a sort of certificate to your device. Because the process takes place online, Apple may change the response from the server and prevent the restore Read More →

SNES HD for iPad Coming Soon in Cydia Store


The SNES iPad comes in a new version (HD) offers many new features! The developer Yusef Napora (aka: Woozle Wrangler) got the SNES emulator of ZodTTD and took a few steps further, creating the SNES HD optimized for iPad. The SNES (HD) operates in full screen operator full screen iPad. SNES for iPad is also able to control the emulator from the iPhone / iPod Touch (by 4 users via bluetooth). The SNES HD for Read More →

Apple iPad Caught Running Super Nintendo Emulator : Video

iPad is smashing hit for Apple from day of it’s launch, iPad is one of the most desirable piece of technology available on the market today. iPad Jailbreak is just around the corner and most probably Dev team drop “ Spirit ” jailbreak tool after iPad 3G launch. If you like jailbreak because it lets you to play your classic favorites from the Super Nintendo on your iDevice, we got a good news for you. Read More →

Mount an External Hard Drive on Your Jailbroken iPad

The maxwellshay shows us through a short video how we can connect an external drive (HFSor FAT32) with the iPad, using iPad Camera Connection Kit. In the following process cannot access files on the disk and to transfer/copy the iPad. You’ll need to Spirit jailbreak Follow our guide to Jailbreak iPad 3.2 with Spirit, a split-USB cable, and a terminal like a MacBook. For rest of instructions check the video after the break. Comprehensive step by step guide is Read More →