Turn Regular Sim in to Micro Sim : Do it Yourself

Turn Regular Sim in to Micro Sim

iPad 3G are just around the corner and US stores are all set to launch UMTS model on Aril 30th. Despite the 3G version of the iPad being sold unlocked, it requires a whole new type of SIM card, Micro Sim card. The advantages of the Micro SIM are in size. In fact measures only 12mm x 15mm against 15mm x 25mm Mini SIM. Apple has decided to adopt this new card type to save Read More →

Download iOS 6.1.3 for iPad mini, iPad Retina & iPad 4

A new update for iDevice’s is available for downloading  Over The Air, new update brings the operating system to version 6.1.3 . The update, released almost a month after the one for the version 6.1.2 (which corrected an error in Exchange), it should finally solve the dangerous security bug that allowed you to unlock iPhone bypassing protection of the lock screen. In addition, it has added some security patches unspecified or corrections for Apple to maps of Japan. The upgrade can be done over-the-air Read More →

Downgrade iPad OS 3.2.1 to 3.2 With Cydia SHSH


Apple released iPad OS 3.2.1, at the moment no jailbreak available for iPad OS 3.2.1 with spirit. Apple already stopped signing 3.2 restore files. That means you cannot restore any firmware other than 3.2  If you guys updated to 3.2.1 and wanna go back to OS 3.2, following is the step by step guide to downgrade your iPad OS 3.2.1 to 3.2. Note: This hack is eligible only for those peoples who saved their SHSH to Cydia Server Read More →

iPad Jailbreak With Blackra1n, GeoHot is Back in Game

iPad Jailbreak With Blackra1n

George Hotz, an infamous developer behind the first iPhone unlock and much more, has struck again. GeoHot has posted on his blog a photo which shows icons of BlackRa1n and Cydia on his iPad.Earlier this month we told you, iPhone Dev team managed to jailbreak iPad within 24 hours of release. Both of the tools are unreleased and we may expect a release after iPad 3G launch. The second shot that shows the iPad while starting mode “verbose”, or Read More →